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School Vision, Values and Ethos

School Vision, Values and Ethos


Our Vision


At Portway Junior School our shared vision is for every child to create lifelong learners who are responsible members of the community, who can achieve and grow in a nurturing and creative environment prepared for our ever changing world.

The strong sense of a learning community; working together and caring about each other, is felt throughout the school and leads to a commitment by all members to recognise the importance of having a positive impact on their school, local community and beyond.


Our Aims and Ethos


At Portway Junior School we are a Team. We aim to create life-long learners that have the skills to succeed in life. We pride ourselves on the holistic child and ensuring that our children’s emotional needs are met and prioritised alongside their academic needs so all children can succeed and access learning. Our one school rule is to be kind and all the work we do in school focus’ on that moral. It is so important that the children understand how important it is to be kind to the people around you, whether they be adults or children.


We are passionate about our school values: The Portway 5 which are to be: responsible, respectful, caring, active and friendly. These underpin all the decisions and behaviours we expect to see from all stake holders, children, parents and staff alike.

In the classroom you will see our children being ‘LION learners’ they actively Listen, ask Inquistive questions, are On task and Never give up. We celebrate these proud moments fortnightly in our Friday celebration assemblies alongside our ‘Stars of the Week’ where children have been noticed by the adults in school for showcasing our Portway five characteristics.

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