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Curriculum Vision

At Portway Junior School our vision is to ensure that we encourage our children to work hard in their learning whilst having fun.  We want to help each child become a caring, confident and curious young person who has a passion for learning and achieving in order to prepare them to embrace their bright futures.  We will do this by supporting, guiding and inspiring our children through excellent teaching practices and providing a wealth of opportunities to enrich thier life experiences.  By working with our families we create an aspirational environment and academy community where everyone is valued and successes are celebrated.  We aim to make sure that learning is memorable, inspirational and engaging for all. 


At Portway Junior School, we support all our children to:

• Achieve their full potential as rounded individuals

• Achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum

• Develop as confident, self-motivated, independent and collaborative learners

• Be able to rise to challenges and grasp new opportunities

• Be active contributors to the school and the wider community

• Respect themselves and others

• Value and care for others in the local community and the wider world

• Feel a sense of pride and belonging toward the school and community

• Respect, value and care for the natural environment

• Understand and accept the rights and responsibilities of being citizens of the future

• Learn about, value and enjoy our diverse society


To achieve this we will provide:

• A happy, healthy, safe and secure environment

• High quality teaching across the whole curriculum

• A rich, challenging, relevant and engaging curriculum

• A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities

• Opportunities for pupils to play a part in developing their school and community

• A professional, skilled, highly motivated staff team committed to the ethos and aims of the school

• Opportunities for parents to be active partners in the education of their children and the life of the school

• School leadership focused on continuous improvement

• Effective management systems which support the drive to raise standards



At Portway Junior School, all teachers are responsible for providing an inclusive curriculum that is differentiated for those with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND). We have high expectations for all pupils and are committed to ensuring our curriculum complies with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. 



Effective Teaching

At Portway Junior School we embrace a teaching culture of ‘Personalised Learning’; an approach which expects all children to reach or exceed national expectations, to fulfil their early promise and develop latent potential.

High expectations of progress apply equally to children working above, at, or below age-related expectations, including those identified as having special educational needs. There is an expectation of participation, fulfilment and success; teaching and learning is characterised by ambitious objectives, challenging personal targets, rapid intervention to keep pupils on course

and rigorous assessment to check and maintain pupil progress.  There are clear plans to support those who are struggling.

Effective teaching practices at Portway Junior School see teachers expecting everyone to succeed by offering higher levels of support or extra challenge for those who need it so that all pupils can access the learning at the expected year group standard.


Curriculum Plans 

Below you will find our Long Term Plans to support each unit of learning.  Please take a look at these to see what your children will be learning throughout the year.


We are committed to the broadest educational offering, and that means looking beyond the National Curriculum. An enrichment programme underpins our curriculum so that our pupils can have experiences that enhance their vocabulary, understanding and knowledge. The programme is planned throughout the year.


Trips and Visits

• We plan a series of trips throughout the year for each year group and these are communicated to parents at the start of the academic year.

• The trips are directly linked to our topic work.

• We organise residential trips for our Year 4 and 6 pupils


Themed days and weeks

• We also have themed days and weeks throughout the year.

The Role of Parents

We believe that parents have a crucial role in helping their child to learn. We do all that we can to inform parents about the progress of their child by:

• Publishing an 'End of Week Round Up' on our school website;

• Holding regular Parent’s Evenings and Termly Learning Conferences;

• Inviting parents into the academy to share in their child’s learning;

• Holding parent workshops where we explain assessment procedures and teaching and learning strategies;

• Annual report at the end of each academic year



The main source of impact will always remain the quality and breadth of work seen in pupil’s books and the learning environment. As an academy we are striving to raise the expectation of learners and the quality of work they produce from an enriched and connected curriculum. We ensure there are always opportunities for application of leaning within and across subject disciplines.  The impact of our curriculum should also be measured by assessment procedures which allow us

to measure outcomes against all schools nationally:

• End of KS2 % of children working towards or at the expected standard and at Greater depth

in reading, writing and maths

In addition, impact is measured by how effectively we help our pupils to develop into well rounded individuals who embody our values and carry with them the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will make them lifelong learners and valuable future

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