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Physical Education (PE)



“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.” John F. Kennedy.


At Portway Juniors, we are passionate about Physical Education as we believe being fit and healthy underpins everything in life. Giving children the tools to lead fit and healthy lives in both the present and the future will allow for more responsive learners for all other subjects.  Children will be exposed to a wide range of sports where they will develop skills such as sportsmanship, resilience and work ethic, all of which link intrinsically into the Portway 5. Embedding fairness and respect are transferable life skills which will help children with all aspects of school. This will also give talented children the opportunity to compete in organised sport which has the potential to grow into careers. Elite sport does not discriminate. This will allow children from all backgrounds to compete on an equal footing, tying into British values.  Children will gain confidence in their own physical capabilities and identify how their dietary and physical choices impact their health and happiness. By engaging and inspiring children in PE, we can help them make the first step on their journey to an active, healthy life, which correlates with successful futures.  


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