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Admission Arrangements

Our Admissions Policy can be found on the following page

How do I apply for a Junior school place?

Derby City Council admissions service are responsible for coordinating all applications from parents for school places in our catchment area.

If you want to apply for a junior school place in Derby, you need to make an application to them.

Applying as a parent, you have a legal right to express a preference for a school that you want your child to attend. If your preferred school has a place, then a place should be offered to your child.


Applying for a Junior School in 2024

If you want to apply for the intake year of a Junior school starting in September 2024, you can make your application from 3rd  November 2023 onwards. You need to apply by the National Closing Date of 15th January 2024. Any applications made after 15th January 2024 will be classed as 'late' and considered after all 'on time' applications have been dealt with. To make an application you can:

  • apply online – it’s quick and easy and lets you track the progress of your application

  • apply by phone on 01332 642730 – this takes around 5 minutes and you will need to know the name of the school you are applying to

  • apply using a paper form – telephone 01332 642730 to ask us to send you one.

If you make your application online, you will be able to access your decision on 16th April 2024 – National Offer Day. If you apply by phone or on a paper form your offer letter will be posted on 16th April 2024, second class. No decision will be given over the telephone.


Making an in-year application

If you want to make an application for a school in Derby City Council’s area, you need to complete a Primary School in-year admission form. As the Council’s Admissions service, we are responsible for co-ordinating all applications made for secondary school places.

Alternatively, you can complete the eform – it’s quick and easy. If you want to apply using a paper form, you can telephone 01332 642729 to ask us to send you one.


How DCC process your application

When you complete your application form you will have the opportunity to express preferences in rank order for up to three schools both in and outside of Derby City. You will also be able state your reasons for your preferences.

DCC will then process your application form according to how you have ranked your schools and you should receive a written decision from us within 15 working days.


Letting you know our decision

DCC will send you our decision which will be one of these three outcomes:

  • School place is offered where your child meets the criteria for a place at the first preferred school.

  • School place is offered where your child meets the criteria for a place at the second or subsequent highest ranked preferred school.

  • Where it is not possible to offer you the highest ranked school, your child will be added to that school’s waiting list and you are informed of how to appeal to the Independent Appeal Panel if you wish.


Derby City Council primary school admissions website

To find out more about Derby City Council primary school admissions please click here


What if I am refused a place for my child?

If you are refused a place for your child, for whatever reason given, you have the right to appeal this decision.  An independent panel will review your application and make a final, legally binding, decision on the matter.


Appeals information and forms can be found below and should be sent to 


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