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Religious Education



"The highest result of education is tolerance" - Hellen Keller


RE supports pupils to build their sense of identity and belonging enabling them to flourish within their communities and promoting mutual respect.  Through a broad range of cross-curricular opportunities, children can embrace and have an appreciation of the global community and become confident and empathetic citizens. Our inclusive provision promotes the Portway ethos of being kind and an acceptance of other groups and beliefs.  RE plays a pivotal role in preparing children to become responsible and caring individuals, developing respect for others and helps them to challenge prejudices.  By the exploration of personal beliefs, the consideration of other religious perspectives and reflection of challenging questions, the student is given the opportunity to formulate their own beliefs and thought systems.  Promoting a progression of skills form Year 3 to Year 6 will develop a deeper understanding of the diverse world in which we live in and strengthening their capacity for making moral judgements.  Engaging and memorable provision will be a major contributor in meeting student’s intellectual, social and emotional development.


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