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School Parliament

School Parliament


School Parliament 2022/23 is made up of six children from Year 3, six from Year 4, six from Year 5 and seven from Year 6.  The children will be visiting the Houses of Parliament in March 2024.

Parliamentary Acts


As part of our commitment to listen to the children at Portway Junior School, we have tasked our School Parliament to look at an area of daily life and work on how to improve it. Each term the Cabinet will pick an area and explain why this needs to be improved and propose ideas. These initial ideas are discussed with the party members at a House of Commons meeting and then shared with classes for ideas. At a follow-up meeting the House of Commons and Cabinet put together a Bill and this is sent to the House of Lords (Senior Leadership Team) for amendments and approval. This then becomes an Act and the children are informed, by the Prime Minister, at the beginning of the next term as to what is expected and why it is important.


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