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Safeguarding and Wellbeing Manager (SLE) - Mrs K O'Farrell

Online Safety

From learning in class to playing games at home, children are doing more on the internet than ever before - and it's a wonderful place.

However, just as in 'real life', it's important to make sure your child/ren is staying safe online.

We know how demanding it can be to find the time when you're a busy parent, and also just how daunting it can be to try and work out if the information you've found online is up-to-date. So below we have provided links to websites where you can find useful information about keeping your children safe online. is a portal dedicated to making sure all parents are only a click away from advice, tips and support about online safety for children. The information is divided into age-appropriate sections to help you talk to your child about the issues and technologies they'll come across as they grow up online. From setting your parental controls to teaching your child how to be a good friend online, you'll find a wealth of information so that you can spend less time researching and more time having fun with your family.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

At Portway Junior School, we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff. We know that everyone experiences life challenges that can make us vulnerable at times, anyone may need additional emotional support. We take the view that positive mental health is everybody’s business and that we all have a role to play.


At Portway Junior School we:

  • Help children to understand their emotions and feelings better
  • Help the children to develop emotional resilience to manage set backs.
  • Help children to feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries
  • Help children socially to form and maintain relationships
  • Promote self-esteem and ensure children know they count
  • Encourage children to be proud and confident


We offer different levels of support:


  • Universal support: To meet the needs of all our pupils through our overall ethos and wider curriculum

  • Additional support: For those who may have short-term needs and those who may have been made vulnerable by life experiences such as bereavement.

  • Targeted support: For pupils who need more differentiated support and resources or specific targeted interventions such as wellbeing groups, ‘Good to be me’ friendship and self esteem programme.

Useful Organisations

Young Minds is a fantastic organisation offering free, confidential online and telephone support, including information and advice to any adult worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person.

Build sound minds and JW Bridge the gap are incredible local support groups which parents can directly refer children to and provide parent/child sessions.

The NSPCC’s Parents’ site recognises a big part of keeping children safe is making sure to look after their emotional and mental wellbeing. The site offers information on an array of topics including mental health and wellbeing; self-harm, sexual behaviour and talking about difficult topics.

Time to change is a mental health campaign in England, launched in 2007 with the objective of reducing mental health-related stigma and discrimination.

Mind is a Mental Health Charity website with advice, information and support

Education Support Partnership is a UK charity providing mental health and wellbeing support to staff working in schools.


Some useful support:

A parents’ survival guide

Parents helpline

A-Z Mental Health


See links below to websites and information.

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