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Portway Network Group

Portway Network Meeting #1

Dear Parents and carers,


As part of our Emotionally Healthy Schools Award we are hoping in the New Year to host half termly Portway Network Group meetings.  


The purpose of the group will be to facilitate positive and effective two way communication between parents/carers and school, providing a channel for communication, feedback and suggestions. We recognise the importance of working closely with families to support the children in school and we are keen to learn more about the views of our parents/carers. We want to know how being a member of Team Portway feels from a full range of perspectives. It will also be an opportunity for the School Ambassadors to share their views as well.


We aim to:


  • promote a positive partnership between school staff, its children and parents/carers
  • develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the children
  • identify and represent the views of parents
  • listen to the voice of the children
  • develop a mutual understanding of the needs of the children at Portway.
  • promote the ethos of the school and the Team Portway 5 devised by the children of Portway.
    To do this we will:
    Have half termly meetings to discuss the key features of the Team Portway 5 (Being: respectful, responsible, friendly, active, and helpful) and how the following areas can be used to promote Team Portway.
  • communication/website
  • new initiatives
  • school events and PTFA events
  • views on policies when they are updated e.g., Behaviour/Homework
  • catering
  • supporting new families
    Items relating to specific children, specific parents or individual school staff will not be discussed and these should be raised with the relevant teacher or Senior Leaders as appropriate.
    We would like to have at least two representatives from each class to be part of our Network Group.
    Key Responsibilities of Network Group Members
  • to seek feedback and suggestions from as many parents as possible
  • to attend Network Group meetings representing the views of all parents
  • to share with parents the points discussed at the meetings
  • to attend one meeting each half term where possible
  • meetings will also include at least one Senior Leader and pupil representatives.
    Meetings will be held each half term during the school day; usually either 9am or 2:30pm (to help parents who are dropping off or picking up) on a mutually convenient date wherever possible. Refreshments will be provided.
    It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that:
  • meetings are scheduled with times and venues communicated
  • minutes are posted on the school website for all parents to view with copies available from the school office on request
  • Meetings run to time and active participation is sought from all representatives
  • Members decide the next agenda items at the end of each meeting.
    We see this as a very positive and progressive group that will move Portway forward to benefit all. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and we would like all parents and carers to feel included in this new group, we look forward to seeing some new faces at our meetings.
    The first meeting will be on Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 9am. We look forward to seeing you then. Please let the office know if you are intending to attend so we can find a suitable space.
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