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New era for Portway

On Monday 1st April 2019 Portway Junior School enter a brand new era by joining the, newly formed, Odyssey Collaborative Trust.


The Multi Academy Trust (MAT) has been in the pipeline for over 2 years, 3 schools (Asterdale Primary, Borrow Wood Primary and Springfield Primary) have already joined and, along with Portway, 2 further schools (Beaufort Primary and Cherry Tree Hill Primary) will join on Monday 1st April, giving the Trust a total of 6 Derby Schools.


The journey has been a long one, but as the title of the Trust suggests, it has been a collaborative one with the 6 Headteachers forming the Executive Team who, working together, are driving the direction of the Trust.


Above all each school will be retaining their own identity, their own money and their own autonomy.


Three Chief Officers have been appointed from within the Trust's current schools and are carrying out these roles alongside their 'normal' day jobs. Services and supplies have already been procured at favourable MAT rates.


All in all pupils, staff and parents will notice little, if any, obvious changes - but we hope that services provided, initiatives funded and the collabortive approach with 5 other Derby Schools will be noticiable over the forthcoming months.

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