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Lockdown shout-outs

Star of the Week 05/03/21


Year 3

Phoebe for writing a fantastic story at home.

Jack for consistently showing a good level of work.

Emily for sharing great ideas and contributing well to virtual assemblies.

Millie for always doing the right thing and really shining through with confidence.

Vincent for this week showing a good, positive attitude towards his learning.

Maya for producing a lovely, descriptive paragraph and illustration.


Year 4

Alice for supporting others well and trying her best in all areas of her work, her enthusiasm has blown us away!

Kara for contributing in all the teams meetings and working hard to complete all work to an excellent standard.

Beth for always working hard and showing more resilience with her learning.

Lauren for working really hard and sending in beautifully presented work.

Henry for settling in to new routines and engaging in every subject.

Matilda for producing superb work and remaining positive, she always works so hard!


Year 5

Daisy for getting her younger siblings involved in World Book Day!

Charlie for his creativity and den building skills!

Izzy for her enthusiasm towards the environment, and for her excellent researching!

Darcie for having an excellent attitude on World Book Day.

Blake for his in school igloo making.

Jude for having generally a great work and for always using lovely manners.


Year 6

Niamh for consistently working hard!

Ben for showing fantastic perseverance.

Charlie for always producing excellent work.

Annabel for always demonstrating a brilliant attitude.

Zack for always being positive and showing a good attitude.

Rhys for his attitude to learning, always positive and enthusiastic!





Tommy for baking and raising money for charity!

Ava for her exceptional cooking skills and creativity, she even won a prize!


Star of The Week: 26/02/21


Year 3

Emily for working so hard at home!

Noah for being enthusiastic in everything he does, a pleasure to teach!

Effi for producing such detailed work!

Tilly for an improvement in her attitude and for working hard in all lessons.

Lexia for jumping straight into home learning, even though she is new to the school!

Sophie for always showing positive learning behaviour.


Year 4

Ariadne for trying her best in all subjects in school, especially pushing herself with her writing.

Isaac for creating a brilliant River Nile information page and for creating a super poem in the style of Michael Rosen.

Theo for having a positive attitude at school and trying hard with all of his learning.

Dolly for trying hard every week with her home learning, and always completing extra challenges!

Mollie for working hard in school and being eager to join in all activities.

Imogen for trying her hardest every week with her home learning, even if she is finding some lessons difficult.


Year 5

Alicia for having a great attitude in all lessons.

Jess for improving her focus in school.

Winnie-Sue for settling back into school really well.

Renee for showing resilience and having a go even when she is finding it hard.

Rose for consistently accessing work and reading books.

Sophie for consistently working hard and presently her work neatly.


Year 6

Amy for always working extremely hard.

Sarah for consistently trying her best and working hard.

James for always putting in his best effort and working his hardest.

Elena for consistently working well at home and producing good work.

Jack for always trying his best and working hard at home.

Marcus for working hard at home all the time!





Evie for her creativity with her lego design!

Ailo for his English work and writing the Great Bank Robbery story.

Izabella for being an amazing big sister and always working hard!

Poppy for her dance performance and expressing herself.

Seth for his engagement in Mental Health week, Captain Sir Tom challenges, and making me smile!

Mental Health Week Stars 

Signs of Spring - Poppy

Emotions Wheel - Ava

Lego Challenge - Evie

Drama Video - Poppy

Signs of Spring - Seth


Star of The Week: 05/02/21


Year 3

Roman for working hard and producing great writing and maths work this week.

Joshua for showing great effort in maths and English.

Hannah for showing enthusiasm to learn on her first day back in school.

Joseph for sending in his well structured research on Valentina Tereshkova.

Sophie for always doing everything right, all the time.

Mya for consistently handing in great pieces of work.


Year 4 

Amelie for joining in all the class activities well and trying her best, she made super contributions during assembly too.

Mya for joining our school at a strange time and working so hard at home to send her beautifully presented work in to school.

Joshua for his resilience and determination when facing maths problems.

Seth for working really hard to improve his focus and independence whilst working at home, to produce some amazing work.

James for showing great resilience in PE and maths challenges.

Jacob for working hard to improve his handwriting at home, and experimenting with how to publish his work interactively, creating a book with moving parts.


Year 5 

Evie for sending in high standard work all the time.

Megan for always sending in work completed to a high standard.

Evie for producing great work in maths!

Gruff for his consistent excellence and attendance for Teams calls.

Lucy for making great effort in all subjects.

Krystal-Mae for having a mature attitude to all work and high standards especially in maths.

Iqra for producing fantastic work in maths.


Year 6

Dylan for always maintaining a positive attitude.

Robyn for always working hard!

Justin for having a consistent positive attitude.

Ben for working hard with his online learning.

Leo for working hard himself, but also helping his sister!

Orla for going the extra mile with her learning.


Quiz Superstars









Star of The Week: 01/02/21


Year 3

Hannah for putting in maximum effort all week.

Alex for working really hard every week!

Georgina for having a positive attitude to learning

Archie for always showing a great work ethic.

Effie for great work and working hard in all lessons.

Christos for always producing a high level of work.


Year 4

Poppy for fantastic English, creating a newspaper article on The Egyptian Cinderella, then challenging herself to create another newspaper on a topic of her choice.

Violet for presenting all her home learning beautifully, and for completing extra tasks and challenges.

Penelope for working hard on her newspaper remembering all the main parts of the story and using paragraphs accurately. 

Bella for completing lots of different home learning tasks and having lots of fun completing the sound experiment homework.

Connie for always working extra hard in every lesson and being a very kind and considerate member of the group.

Poppy for working really hard on her maths and showing real determination, also for being an entertainer for her younger sister whilst both parents are working.


Year 5

Ethan for careful planning to create an incredible piece of work.

Bella for taking her time to plan carefully in order to produce great work.

Alessia for creating brilliant work and taking her time to do so.

Sophie for careful and detailed planning to create a fantastic final piece of work.

Jacob for producing a brilliant final piece of work.

Jenson for planning carefully and producing great work!


Year 6

Lucy for producing a very well written and well presented piece of work, including pictures, for her English report on Uncontacted tribes in the Amazon Rainforest.

Luke for working really hard on his English report, developing through each stage to produce an excellent, neat final piece.

Paige for producing a colourful and well presented English report.

Billy for keeping up with the work at home and in school, to create a fantastic piece of writing.

Rhys for producing a wonderful piece of writing and really thinking about his presentation.






Lily for her fantastic newspaper report on Ancient Egyptian Cinderella!

Haniya for showing emotional resilience and keeping positive!

Star of the Week: 22/01/21


Year 3 

Thomas  for working so hard and for never giving up when he finds something difficult.

Henry  for amazing work at home and becoming more independent.

Florence  - outstanding French and Art work at home.

Riley  for his fantastic attitude to learning!

Archie  for his super Maths work at home.

Oliver  - enormous effort in contributing in class discussions and for excellent focus too.


Year 4

Joshua for working hard and even completing an extension task in Maths.

Phoebe for her excellent story and the quality of work she has sent in.

Izaak for his willingness to engage in every activity in school and for adapting well to new routines.

Tilly for presenting work beautifully and for fantastic problem solving in Maths.

Anntoinette for her positive attitude towards her learning in every lesson.

Betsy for being very creative when producing a fantastic model ear, and always sending in high quality work.


Year 5

Oliwia - always does her best without any coaxing or asking.

Trinity - always does her best and is enthusiastic in everything she does.

Isaac  for having a fantastic attitude towards learning.

Renee for completing excellent work with beautiful presentation.

Izzy for completing high quality French work.

Jake for completing lots of work and listening to teachers feedback and improving from this.


Year 6

Rhys for being independent, sharing his work and responding to feedback.

Owen for good interaction with questions Mr Bly asked through the year 6 email, in response to his work.

Lois - Nicely thought out maths question/explanation linked to lockdown maths!

Lilia for working hard, even when things get tricky!

Sonnie for trying hard even when things are tough!

James for always being engaged and answering questions.

Ellie - always answering questions and offering valuable input to lessons.





Elliott for his Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Googol!

Evan for his English Writing Challenge Recital

Star of the Week: 15/01/21


Year 3 

Joel for such a positive engagement in lessons - hand up all of the time.

Elliott - Googol knowledge on WWTBAM! A real thirst for knowledge.

Eva for being an amazing friend and working so hard in school.

Hugo  for amazing, detailed work at home.

Evie - her level of enthusiasm is superb!

Emrys  for the quality of his home learning.


Year 4

Nehemiah- For completing work to an excellent standard whilst at school and then sending in excellent work on the days she is at home too. 

Olly - for sending a variety of work in (including videos) and completing his bronze times tables challenge.

Luke - for working so hard whilst being back in school. He has produced some excellent writing too.

Alex - for completing all the home learning tasks to a fantastic standard.

Freya-Louise for completing lots of work at home to a good quality.

Joshua for working hard in school and being an enthusiastic role model.


Year 5 

Zion for working hard whilst at school and for being a polite member of the bubble. 

Jude for working hard in school and for getting on with the tasks set without being asked. 

Carter for great enthusiasm in Science. 

Evie - producing high quality remote learning day in day out, including the most fantastic PowerPoint presentations. 

Amber - always taking pride and care in the work she is producing at home. We especially liked her work on the Amazon tribes which showed she has an inquisitive mind (great questions to ask the tribe). 

Leo - for completing all tasks set to a high standard, especially his Maths work where he has been challenging himself to find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages to some of his answers in Daily Calculations!


Year 6

Will - Being an enthusiastic learner

Hirah - Always working hard

Evie- May  - Showing resilience and a positive attitude. 

Felicity - Putting 100% into every piece of work.

Noah - Working really hard and sending such lovely emails to the teachers thanking us. A real confidence boost and makes us all smile!

Ben - Working hard and putting in a noticeable effort to all of his work.




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