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Our exciting BBC Remembrance live lesson 


On Friday 9th November we watched the BBC Remembrance live lesson. Whilst it was happening we sent a question in from our class and were delighted when it was answered live in the lesson! Here are some pictures of our question being shown and answered on screen and a link if you would like to watch it again.


Autumn Pictures

This morning we went outside with the new ipads and took some pictures with the theme 'Autumn'. Children then learnt how to edit their photos to make them even better. Here's the gallery...












Escape Maths

Mrs Waller set us a series of challenges based on what we have been learning in Maths and we had to open padlocks with the answers to the word problems. Inside the zipped up folders we found clues which we had to put together to find the final answer to access the sweets.





Our wormeries

This week we made our own wormeries and have spent time watching the worms at work. We are looking forward to watching them over the next two weeks and learning more about what they get up to before we return them to the community garden.




Escape from the centre of the Earth

We pretended to be in Digger 3000 to think about what it would have been like on the journey. A photo of our some of our crews...



Table free Tuesday

We spent a few weeks having Table free Tuesdays so that we could work slightly differently. Here's some Maths we did...


Weeding and planting bulbs in the community garden









Firstly a big welcome to the children and parents of Banksy class to your new class and school!!


On this page we will try to keep you updated with things we're doing in school over the year specific to the class. It's a great way of showcasing what we do and letting you see a bit of the day to day goings on. It can also get conversations going about the school day when they come home and say they've done 'nothing'! :) 


A few things you might need to know are below:


Children will be doing indoor and outdoor PE at least once a week and we like to get outside as much as possible - therefore if I could ask that everyone has full PE kits in school that would be great. We'll also send them home at least once a half term and if you could check whether things still fit, particularly shoes, and replace if needs be it means they can be comfy when taking part in activities. If we spy that something's getting a little tight, I'll also send the kit home to be checked.


Of course we'll have all the medical info and any other info about anything we need to keep an eye out for but if you would like to speak to me at any point then please come in or call and I'll get to you as soon as I can.


Reading books and reading records will be sent out in the first few days of school. Reading is so essential to learning and we hope you will support us in encouraging the children to read frequently and a mixture of different texts including those online. We will be checking the reading records every week and children will gain team tokens for the amount they read at home. Please find time to read with your child, sharing a book together and modelling good reading out loud, as well as listening to them read at least once a week and mark in the record that this has happened. The children will be able to change books frequently.


We use MyMaths for maths homework and login details will be sent home in the first full week of school if not before (photocopier willing). Some people with Apple equipment can struggle to get on the website without downloading the Puffin Academy app so if you can do this and use it just as you would a new browser window typing in the website address. If you really struggle with this please come and ask me (if possible bringing in the equipment) and I'll get it sorted. New homework is set every Thursday.


Spellings homework will be sent home every Thursday. It will contain a list of all the words children will need to be learning in alignment with the spelling rule we will have learnt for the week. If they could practice these at least 3 times a week in whatever format you wish, the funner the better (and at least one of these doesn't always have to be with an adult), then when they are tested the next week on the Thursday they should be high or top marks! Some ideas for fun ways to practice are available below:



Literacy homework - there may be talk homework sent home when required so that children can share their ideas and ask for your advice on writing they will embark on in the near future.


Times tables are crucial for maths education and we do timed times tables tests each week. There are 5 levels they can obtain: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium and they receive star badges for each accomplished. If you could practice times tables whenever you have a couple of minutes (I find in the car on the way somewhere or whilst cooking dinner works well) it will all help. Another great website for children to practice on which they can practise both times tables and division facts on is Hit The Button

To achieve their bronze they need to know 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s and the opposing division facts.


In computing we will be studying Digital Literacy and Citizenship and in amongst other lesson content I will be allowing children to look at and play on the Interland site looking at esafety and the way we behave online. This can be accessed at home as well and you may want to take a look at it or play it together.


Mrs Waller






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