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Children attend code club after school where they learn how to code using Scratch, HTML & CSS and Python.


Staff views

The children are learning so much about coding but also about working as a team, being peer mentors and solving problems thinking about them before asking for adult help. Their expertise is being used within classes to assist their classmates when they are programming as part of the school curriculum and this includes the digital champions who are at hand should staff/children require assistance. They frequently continue working on their projects at home and are excited to show the teacher running code club their accomplishments. In code club they also laugh a lot, enjoy cracking the code and are really proud of themselves when they complete a project.


Pupil views

"I like code club because it is fun."

"We learn to use Scratch, learn to code in HTML, CSS and Python programming languages."

"We develop new skills whilst socialising."

"The teacher passes down her knowledge to equip us to help our fellow students."

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